Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to reserve a rental trailer?

All of our trailers require a $100 deposit.


Your deposit is applied to the final bill when your rental is completed and returned. However, your deposit is not refunded if you cancel with-in 2 days of your pickup reservation.

Do you accept walk-ins?

A reservation is required. Simply call or email us to set one up.


Do you sell trailers? Or just rent?

We are primarily a rental company. But we may sell some of our inventory from time to time. Send us a message about your needs and we'll try to accomidate. Maybe a lease to own option would be a good solution.

Do you have enclosed trailers?

We do NOT at this time. We have a variety utility flatbeds available, just choose by size and weight capacity, and however long you need it for.

Do you have gooseneck trailers?

We do NOT have any available at this time. We have a variety of "bumper pull" utility flatbeds available, just choose by size and weight capacity, and however long you need it for. Most will require a 2' ball.

How long can I rent a trailer for?

We do NOT have a limit on rental duration. We will occasionally perform preventive maintenance and repair on our rental equipment either at our shop or on location.

"The longer you rent with us, the more you save!!!"
(weekly and monthly discounts save $$$)
Why should you rent with us?

We offer tailored solutions to long term rentals as our customers require certain customizations to get their jobs done.

Also, most trailers are equipped with lockable tool boxes, straps, chains, binders, spare tire, and tools.

What is the smallest trailer size available?

Our smallest is 16' long. Single axle.Spring loaded rear gate ramp. Light Weight and doesn't require your vehicle to have a brake controller. We also have 16' trailers with tandem axles to handle the heavier loads, but these will reuqire your vehicle to have a brake controller. Ask us if you have any questions about this.

What is the longest trailer you offer?

Our longest trailers are 20' long, 83' wide, and have tandem axles for stability and weight capacity. (Standard, heavy duty, and super duty)

*A brake controller on your vehicle is required.

Do you rent equipment other than trailers?

Yes. We offer several tolls, equipment, and machinery on a daily, weekly, and monthy basis. Some are listed on our website. You may also email us or call to see if we have something available that's not listed on the site.

Do you offer pickup and delivery services?

Yes. Simply email or call us with your request.

We will do our best to help you accomplish your shipping needs. Whether you need us to transport a vehicle, farm equip, move or pickup items you bought from any where in the country, we can make it happen. Competative rates. Secure and timely shipments.

Other services you offer?

Here are some other services we do:

  • We offer lawncare as well as landscaping and debris cleanup
  • Field mowing and clearing
  • Pressure washing decks, fences, houses, equipment, ect...
  • Welding, plasma cutting, fabrication, structural repair, metal work, woodworking and restoration, ect...
  • RV and trailer repair
  • RV winterizing services
  • RV and trailer storage services
  • Drain cleanout, limited septic and plumbing services