EQ16 Super Duty Trailer

Trailer # 212

It’s Arrived!!!

This flat-bed utility trailer is built for heavy payloads and durability.

Whether you need to transport pallets of brick, block, mortar, lumber, vehicles… – this would be the best choice.


ONLY $100.00 deposit rquired!!!

*Rent this 20 foot super duty utility flatbed trailer for $120 per day from Hanson Trailers LLC. With its exceptional strength and versatility, this trailer is ideal for transporting heavy equipment, cars, trucks, and farm tractors. You can also confidently haul pallets of brick, block, and other building materials, knowing that this trailer can handle it all. Experience the convenience and reliability of our trailers – We Rent, You Pull… Reserve now with only a $100 deposit and get ready to tackle your next hauling project.